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Are you in need of an instant jolt of motivation? If you are, you have found the right place. Let me tell you about a crazy and inspirational man by the name C.T. Fletcher. He is a bodybuilder who died (flatlined) 3 times during open-heart surgery, was told he will never lift another weight again, and is the last person you would expect to provide deep inspirational advice. So, get ready for some vulgar, yet philosophical advice inspired by a man and his motherf*ck!ng magnificent obsession to prove everyone wrong!

A point of caution before proceeding… C.T. Fletcher speaks his mind and uses language that might not be appropriate for children or those of you who are weak. So, if this is you, change the title to ‘Be Ordinary’ and stop reading!

In the words of C.T. Fletcher as he speaks to his biceps… (yes, you read that correctly)

“I command you to grow motha fu*ka! I tell you what to do you, you don’t tell me! I told your a$$ to grow… now GROW!”

C.T. offers us a metaphorical and deep philosophical look into our own life, into our reason for existence. If you read this and fail to see the message due to the vulgarity, then you are missing the point. Here are 5 badass pieces of deep inspirational advice from Hercules himself! Use these tips, get motivated, and F*ck Ordinary!

1. Everything is impossible until it isn’t.

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“It is impossible until some crazy sumb!tch has the audacity to believe that, no matter what the experts say, I can still do that sh!t!”

C.T. strives to motivate men and women in the gym, yet he also speaks to underprivileged children. Let’s take a look at his message.

“What motivates you? Your story motivates me. The stories of extreme will. People that came through something or circumstances, that they were not supposed to go through… your just not supposed to be able to do it… but they did it any damn way!”

He explains his mission.

“Remember what you are. Remember who you are. That’s my mission, to be able to teach people will and desire. Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute mile. I’m sure they told him it couldn’t be done. No way you can run the mile in under four-minutes ROGER! Roger said… f*ck y’all!”

2. F*ck being like everybody else.

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“F*ck ordinary! I don’t want to be ordinary. F*ck mediocracy! I don’t want to be mediocre. F*ck being like everybody else! I don’t want to be like everybody else.”

C.T. is obsessed! Yet, we should strive to be obsessed. What is the point of living if you have nothing to live for? What is the point in being like everybody else? Why would anyone want to be ordinary? Being different is difficult, but I would rather go through the difficulty of being extraordinary than taking the easy route of being ordinary. So, what’s his secret?

“F*ck your excuses, they are worthless to me, they are meaningless. What’s the secret? Hard a$$ work! That’s the f*ck!ng secret!”

3. Wakeup the Hercules in you.

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“This is your wakeup call motherf*cker, this is your week to make it happen, wakeup the Hercules in you!”

Let’s look at some candid advice from C.T.

“Now is where you dig deep! This is what separates the wannabes from the bes [sic]. When your mind is playing tricks on you to give up, you have to push through that pain, push through the negative thoughts. This is what it takes. You want to know the tricks, the magic pill, the magic formula, there is none!”

C.T. is definitely one bad dude and he knows how to push the right buttons. He knows what it takes to be better. To be better, to be great, you must be willing to go through adversity. You must be willing to endure pain. Let’s see what CT says about this.

“May I have more please? May I have more pain? May I have more torture? Because I know this sh!t is going to make me Grow!”

Here is one of my favorite quotes from C.T. on this topic.

“Suffer the pain of Discipline or suffer the pain of Regret!”

4. Be the Baddest.

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“If you don’t have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you’re trying to get… then you’re never going to have it!”

C.T. understands that we all have the potential to be great, yet most of us will not fulfil it.

“Everybody can’t do this sh!t. The real bad man, the bad man is here! They want to know how you do it. Show them how you do it!”

Here is my favorite C.T. story.

“My mom used to tell me all the time, sometimes if you are just a little bit too high, you must be brought down. You will be taught a f*ck!ng lesson. I don’t care how bad you are son, there’s someone out there just a little bit badder.”

I wasn’t expecting his response, but it was awesome… it is what defines who he is! Here is what he said.

“I said no. Hell no! Momma, somebody has got to be the baddest. Somebody has to be THE baddest. Momma, I love you… but that’s ME.”

5. The reason for my existence.

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“Any time that you give your best effort, that you give everything that you possibly can give, there is satisfaction in knowing I did my absolute best, I did all I can do. There is victory in that, there is satisfaction.”

Let’s take a look at some of his deepest advice.

“Have you ever tried to do something and when you got home; quietly in your room, you knew you had that much more you could have gave. But you didn’t want to ‘look ugly’ in the face because your girlfriend was looking or your boyfriend was looking. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself. So, you held back a little bit.”

He continues with the key to his advice — Effort!

“Then you know, in your heart, you did not give everything that you had. You will know, everybody else won’t; if you had tried harder, I promise you that you would have been satisfied with your EFFORT. Effort is so important. It is so important, the effort that you give. My last competition, I was unsuccessful in my attempt. But I consider it my greatest competition. Why C.T.? You didn’t get it? Because the day before that competition, the doctor looked me in the face and said, if you go out there and you try to bench press 705lbs, it’s going to kill you. Your valve is too weak, it will be too much of a strain, it will explode right there on the stage, and you’re going to die in front of all those people.”

How would you respond to this? How would you respond if your doctor told you not to do what you desire most? Let’s look at his response.

“Is there victory in that? DAMN right there is! I have trained my whole life for this. I have devoted my life to this. This is the reason for my existence. This is why I am here, and you are asking me if I am going to compete?”

C.T. inspires us to persevere and never give up.

“How do you teach that? How do you teach people, to not look at something and say immediately (because the appearance) that I can’t do it, I give up, before they even attempt it.”

Lastly, I will leave you with one last story. Here is his conversation with his doctor after his open-heart surgery.

“He told me, I would never do this sh!t again. I would never lift another weight. Man, that was the best thing he could have told me! I am going to show your motherf*ck!ng a$$! I’m going to prove to you that I can come back, that I WILL come back, because I have this motherf*ck!ng heart right here. I am determined, it’s my motherf*ck!ng obsession!”

Written by

Dr. Schwandt (Ed.D.) is an American author, L6S master black belt, and red teamer.

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