Swarm Learning Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix (Presentation)

Dr. Jamie Schwandt
8 min readNov 15, 2020
SL X Matrix developed by Dr. Schwandt

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In The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook, T. M. Kubiak and Donald W. Benbow describe Hoshin Kanri as:

“One translation of the word hoshin refers to a shining arrow such as found on a compass. The word kanri may be translated as management. Hoshin kanri, then, provides tools for stating objectives for the organization and managing their implementation.”

Kubiak and Benbow describe the X-matrix as:

“The hoshin kanri X-matrix, also called a policy deployment matrix, summarizes the strategic plan linking objectives with the design for achieving them.”

The X-matrix starts with objectives then moves clockwise to strategies (linked to objectives) then tactics (linked to strategies) then targets (linked to tactics). A black box represents support. For example, the box for A (strategies) Redesign the syllabus to ensure the class is set up in a way that CAE shows that it supports the objective change, adapt, and evolve with student feedback.


A. Change, adapt, and evolve with student feedback

SL is a Chameleon — it Changes, Adapts, and Evolves (CAE)

“Structure is not the word I would use to describe



Dr. Jamie Schwandt

Dr. Schwandt (Ed.D.) is an American author, L6S master black belt, and red teamer.